Design of Maserati Ghibli Decoded: Watch Video

Maserati revealed the Ghibli at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show and we all had hyped this car especially for you. The reason behind it is not that the Maserati is an Italian brand, but hopefully the model plate Ghibli is an arrow targeted to cover patches of emerging market in terms of competition like BMW 5 Series and Mercedes Benz E Class.

Well these German badges are doing well in many of the markets, which this Modena based carmaker also wants to grab some of their market shares, and to be specific the automaker wants to sell it in 50,000 numbers till 2015.

Lest, the reason why we are discussing this matter here, Marco Tencone, Maserati’s Head of Design had unleashed the secret behind the design of this BMW 5 Series rival, so we felt important to make you know what had went in making the oversized sedan for lending its cues to the younger sibling. Well, Ghibli is said to have taken cues from 50s and 60s sports car and some from the in house name Gran Turismo too.

In spite of being sophisticated, Ghibli also offers sportiness in an extreme stretch, says the head designer of Maserati. This is the first attempt of auto brand going with the diesel option, so a lot of expectations lie there inside for the top officials for running unbeaten on the path of success. And yes that too is adorable when officially it is claiming the fuel efficiency of 16.6 kmpl.

Maserati Ghibli

Know more about it in the video below.

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