Jaguar Considering 700 Horsepower F-Type Coupe

India launch of F-Type convertible slated nearby and already available on the showroom floors of abroad, now we got that Jaguar is developing an enormously powerful model of the same, but in the “coupe version”.

Yes, the time and again it will roll out that hard top F-Type in the early days of 2016 or maybe sooner than that.

Tentatively the upcoming Jag will board the advanced package of hybrid-gasoline drivetrain which it is said to be most probably driven from the on-route killed C-X75 supercar that could not make to the showrooms due to some of the technical reasons. However, not much of the detail is divulged, but what do we have to say is, a combination of supercharger and turbocharger will make this bug an outstanding one in the whole Jaguar series, and with the wobbling out numbers of 700 hp, top whack concluding to be not lesser than the 200 mph (320 kmph) mark.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

With this much of insanity, the newbie of Tata owned British luxury car brand will make to the top-of-list among its competitors and we are very sure the F-Type “R-S” will go on sale for limited numbers only, because such powers are restricted to limited audience itself!

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Back View

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