Designer Jeremy Scott Gives Wings to Mercedes-Benz’s Smart Fortwo

Well known dress designer Jeremy Scott, in conjunction with the auto major Mercedes-Benz, has formed a completely new Smart car. The fashion designer has chosen the Smart Fortwo and has re-decorated it into what can simply be named as a Smart ForJeremy.

What turns the latest Smart ForTwo into something special as compared to its master design is the addition of wings, which light up like flaming rocket to form Avant-garde kind back lights.

The innovative Smart ForJeremy was revealed at the LA Auto Show and is ready to hit the markets by the coming year as a Limited Edition.

Designer Jeremy Scott Gives Wings to Mercedes-Benz's Smart Fortwo

Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart, during the world premiere stated, Mercedes-Benz “We were completely excited about the initial sketches that Scott showed to us.’

“Both smart and the flies symbolize a bit of liberty on the packed streets of main cities. In their own disciplines, both Scott and the vehicle are revolutionary trend setters, venturing into uncharted dominions and challenging the state of affairs.”

Wings are one of the recurring design constituents utilized by Scott to offer elegant look to the vehicle.

“For me, wings signify liberty, a sense of buoyancy. Owing to this, I certainly wanted to have them for the smart electric drive with the intention to express the way it frees the surroundings of harmful emissions and represents the new weightlessness of mobility,” explicates Jeremy Scott, who, in addition to his fashion collections, also creates exclusive dresses for renowned pop stars comprising Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Madonna.

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