Diesel Vehicles Involved in Volkswagen Emission Scandal to be Recalled

It appears that the aftermath of the emissions scandal is taking shape at Volkswagen with the company soon to announce a recall for their vehicles in coming days. It is quite sad that the customers will have to face a massive setback as a result of this as the company will look to modify and amend the mistake.

As per Volkswagen, all the cars which have been hit by the scandal continue to be technically capable of being driven on the roads. This is significant because a whopping 11 million vehicles are part of this scandal.

Diesel Vehicles Involved in Volkswagen Emission Scandal to be Recalled

Going forward, Volkswagen has said that they are working on developing technical solutions and will be presenting them to the relevant authorities by the end of October.

In terms of figures, five million of the eleven million affected cars belong to the Volkswagen brand while 2.1 are from Audi and 1.2 million are from Skoda stable. As per initial understanding, the emission cheating software will have to be refitted and the cars will have to be made compliant with existing emission norms.

The Volkswagen scandal has had the entire auto industry globally watching with the company coming under immense pressure in the light of these revelations. There has already been a rejig of the top management of the company with a new CEO being announced to help the company bounce back from the scandal. It is being hoped that this will lead to a better standard among automakers globally to avoid this in the future.

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