Model X Electric Crossover Officially Unveiled by Tesla

Tesla has been one of the leading electric car makers for a while now and its much awaited Model X has finally been unveiled. It has already been making waves with the Model S electric luxury sedan and the Model X electric crossover too is being looked forward expectantly by the auto industry.

The car comes with a floor mounted battery and this means that the car will have an ideal weight distribution as a result of the low centre of gravity. Powered by the electric engine that is quintessential Tesla, the Model X is an all wheel drive that has a 250kmph top speed and can go from 0 to 100kmph in a mere 3.2 seconds. The best thing about the car though remains the fact that is 100 per cent emission free.

Model X Electric Crossover Officially Unveiled by Tesla

The design of the Model X too looks quite stunning and it has Falcon Wings, which are doors that look like gullwings and make for cool entry and exit from the vehicle. Since the car has already been unveiled officially by the company, the brand is likely to start sales very soon. It is being rumoured that deliveries for the Model X are to begin late next year itself.

Alternative technology is becoming quite a buzzword with emission reduction a target of most companies. In such a scenario, the technology provided by Tesla may well prove to be a winner in the long run as cars move from fossil fuels to alternative power sources.

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