Eberhard Kern Is The New MD & CEO Of Mercedes-Benz India

Eberhard Kern has taken up the new responsibility as he has been declared as the new managing director and chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz India.

Kern has taken over this responsibility from Peter Honegg.

As per reports, Eberhard has worked with well known brand Daimler. He spent a period of 30 years with them.

Eberhard has been on projects crosswise Asia and other international market zones. The handover happened in the company of chairman of the board of directors, Mercedes-Benz India, Matthias Lührs.

Mr. Eberhard Kern as the new leader for Mercedes-Benz India

An elated Eberhard stated, “I have taken over a very strong organization in this market where Mercedes-Benz is held in highest esteem. Our production plant is one of the best in the Mercedes-Benz globe; our product array is thrilling and possesses great potential. The novel generation vehicles from the Mercedes stable will, in my opinion, play an essential role and our broad system of dealers is poised to back up the expansion. In brief, the fundamentals are sturdy and we expect continued advantageous growth in the coming time.”

Eberhard Kern Is The New MD & CEO Of Mercedes-Benz India

Retiring Peter Honegg said, “I have had a small but unforgettable India experience. It is a bright land with affectionate and sociable people – and yes extremely well knowledgeable and challenging clients. But I am pleased that I am giving the company in very talented hands of an experienced person – Eberhard Kern who has seen almost as much of Daimler as I have at a far lesser age.”

Eberhard Kern will keep an eye on Mercedes’ push into the numbers game with the small sport utility vehicle and Mercedes-Benz A-Class due by the next couple of years.

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