Teaser Images Of Ferrari Enzo Successor Released

Recently, the web has witnessed a fair amount of action with regard to the Ferrari Enzo successor – The F70.

Some days back, the buffs witnessed a puzzler image by Ferrari, leaked out on the web where the nozzle of the Ferrari was found on a poster.

The Italian car manufacturer also stated that the super vehicle will not be disclosed at the upcoming (2013) Detroit Auto Show.

Teaser Images Of Ferrari Enzo Successor Released

As per sources, the Ferrari Enzo successor was planned for the forthcoming Detroit show. It is doubtful at this time whether the upcoming Ferrari has been postponed or not. There has been no data accessible on valuation or market introduction date on the Enzo successor.

Stefano Lai, a Ferrari spokesperson stated, “The mystery picture of the back of the latest Ferrari is linked to the innovative Enzo and no, it will not be exhibited at Detroit Auto Show.”

The Enzo replacement is supposed to generate 900 HP and is likely to be Ferrari’s most potent road vehicle up till now.

Teaser Images Of Ferrari Enzo Successor Released

The mid-engine two-seater features an all-new V12 engine whose power – and fuel economy – will be enhanced by a Formula 1-style KERS hybrid system.

The firm disclosed the new vehicle’s carbon-fiber tub at this year’s Paris Auto Show. It was produced utilizing F1 molding systems, which fabricate a lighter arrangement as compared to the carbon-fiber fabrication techniques generally utilized for road cars.

Teaser Images Of Ferrari Enzo Successor Released

Ferrari Enzo has been carrying out many parties crosswise the world in order to provoke prospective buyers.

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