End of 2012 could see the launch of Gran coupe from BMW 6-Series

BMW has been launching a series of luxury cars in the Indian auto market. In lines with this trend, it is being expected that a Gran coupe from the 6-series of the luxury car maker, could be scheduled for a launch in the Indian market pretty soon. If one can believe the strong rumors that are circulating, it is likely that the latest BMW 6-series is initially going to be launched globally. It is going to make its journey to the Indian shores post its global launch. Speculations are on that this new vehicle is going to be first unveiled at the Motor Show in Geneva in 2012. This latest version of the renowned four-seater 6-series coupe is expected to match in design, style and performance with the CLS Class from Mercedes Benz as well as the Audi A7, both of which already exist in Indian auto market. The only difference that this latest version has from its earlier variants is that two additional doors have been fitted onto this coupe for extending greater comfort to the passengers.

End of 2012 could see the launch of Gran coupe from BMW 6-SeriesThere has been no change with respect to seating capacity with the front seat accommodating two persons and also its twin rear seats that had proved ideal for small children in its erstwhile model. The coupe, however, gets an increase in length by 4.4-inch with most of it being used to provide additional space to the occupants in the rear seats. There have been no changes given to the exteriors that can be distinctively noticed. Thus, the only two major changes that this new BMW has incorporated are the additional doors provided on both sides of the vehicle and its increased length. The interiors of the car with its latest up-market caramel as well as its dual-toned white leather vintage interiors are a treat to the eyes. The global market variant of the Gran Coupe from BMW has been given a 3.0L six cylinder engine for its base variant, the 640i. This capacitates the vehicle to offer 315Bhp of peak power. However, we are yet to receive any information about its 640d variant that is going to come with a diesel engine of similar 3.0L levels under its hood and has been designed especially for its Indian consumers.

The higher-end model among these is the 650i, which has been given a powerful V8 4.4L engine, which enables it to produce a stupendous power of 445Bhp. Further details pertaining to the vehicle can only emerge once the same is unveiled. However, it is felt by industry experts that this launch is not going to occur anytime before 2012 year-end. Till then, in order to keep our attentions focused towards this vehicle, we need the help of more speculations to come in pertaining to the latest BMW 6-series, which could be on the factors of pricing among others. However, any convertible that is based on this 6-series coupe is expected to be priced the highest amongst all the convertibles that is offered by BMW in India. One of the latest convertibles that has joined the range of BMW convertibles in the Indian market is the 3-series convertible. This has again increased speculations in the market that a convertible variant of this coupe could also be in the pipeline of the luxury car manufacturer from Germany, and that too within a short period of time.

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