Smartness Carnival discount for Wagon R offers exchange benefits of Rs.41,000

Maruti Suzuki has started offering discounts in the Indian market with the aim to boost the year-end sales of its vehicles. The flagship brand of Maruti Suzuki, the Wagon R has started this process by offering an exchange benefit to the tune of Rs.41,000, which would be spiced up further with other offers including gifts cheques. A stylish name has been given to this discount offer, with the manufacturer calling it the “Smartness Carnival”. This is because the consumers have the chance of winning smartphones in this deal, provided they are lucky enough. However, the offer has only been extended for just a limited time period. The offer is being made for a limited period of time and not for an entire month.

Smartness Carnival discount for Wagon R offers exchange benefits of Rs.41,000

The offer has been put in place from the 8th of December, extending on till the 18th of December of the current month. Hence, this seems an ideal time for consumers to be proud owners of the Wagon R. This hatchback from Maruti Suzuki has been provided with ample space in its interiors. The vehicle has always been a favorite family car in the budget segment, with the base variant costing around Rs.3.35 lakh. The offer has, however, not been extended to the diesel version of the car, which could have made it the mother of all discounts. The CNG as well as the LPG variant have been included in the offer scheme though. The exchange benefit of Rs.41,000 can be deemed to be quite significant for the hatchback as it is already a low costing vehicle. Although the car market in India has been experiencing a slowdown, the Wagon R went against all market predictions to register a sale of 12,069 units in the month of November. This could be the precise reason why Maruti Suzuki has selected this particular car to extend this discount offer.

Wagon R interiorThe performance of this vehicle as well as its effective handling has never been questioned. The petrol engine of 1.0L has been blessed with the capacity to deliver a peak power of 68PS. The five-speed manual gearbox has been beautifully mated to the engine to ensure that the power is delivered efficiently to its wheels. Maruti has become the latest manufacturer to come out with product discounts. It is notable that auto giants like Tata India as well as Ford India have already offered huge discounts on various car models of theirs, which has already seen them witness a quantum jump on the sales front. It has been a normal trend in the auto industry for the car manufacturers to announce attractive discounts on their car models, as the year end approaches. This facilitates the manufacturers to charge them up for launching their new variants at the commencement of the next year.

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