Ferrari Officially Unveiled its F138 Formula 1 Car at Maranello

Everybody holds their breath to get a vying view of Ferrari new development for F1 every year. This time the situation was not at all different, as everyone is finally relieved after seeing a red monster at Ferrari’s Maranello factory in Italy.

In looks, the car points straight like an arrow, that is going to hit podium with an end number of power strokes and fastest turning ergonomics. Being draped in red, it is monikered with Shell, Santander, Kaspersky Lab, Hublot, TNT, and Philip Morris.

An apology for holding your breath till last, this one is named as F138 where F represents Ferrari and Formula 1 both, 13 for 2013 while 8 resembles the count of cylinders embedded in its 2.4 liter V8 (with KERS).

Ferrari Unveils New F138 Formula 1 Car
To cheer this red Italian marvel at the race track, get its feast that is being captured in the video below.

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