Spyker 911 – Fighting Sports Car to Soon debut at Geneva Motor Show

Being well known for C8 Aileron, reportedly Spyker is going to take off the cover from 911-fighting sports car at Geneva Motor Show.

We have worked on a very scarce source of news to print down all the nearest possibilities. It is learnt from rumors that, new offering will be a two-seater coupe being carried by a mid-mounted engine.

In an interview with Holland’s very own Autovisie, Spyker CEO Victor Muller said, “I will say nothing more about our upcoming sports car other than the fact that it will surprise you.”

Spyker to Unveil 911-Fighting Sports Car in Geneva

The frequent calculations that we did on backside of a notepad had reaped us with, CPP Manufacturing – a sub contractor for making C8 Aileron had shattered off last year due to colossal debts leaving all burden on the shoulders of organization itself. A stand to this point can also be justified as; the Dutch carmaker had imported machineries and equipments from Coventry, England, (the existing location of CPP) to its headquarters in Zeewolde, Holland, Geneva Motor Show for starting own production process.

Striving hard to see a new expertise of engineering, one has to wait for two weeks to get the melting ices of Swiss Alps being inclined towards this beauty.

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