Ferrari’s First Indian Dealership to Open on May 26

Ferrari India will soon be opening their first ever dealership in India on May 26. The dealership will be in New Delhi’s Janpath area, and will be their flagship store. Their second dealership is also expected to follow soon in a couple of months in Mumbai.

Ferrari had already announced about their plans to enter the Indian auto market back in mid 2010. They had also announced their distributor for the Indian market being the Shreyans Group which also distributes Ducati and Porsche vehicles in early 2011. The Shreyans Group will also be the first dealers for the Maserati, which will open later in the year in Mumbai.

Ferrari will offer their entire lineup in India, ranging from the California Spider, priced at around Rs.2.2 crore, to the 458 Italia priced at Rs.2.56 crore, the 599 GTB priced at Rs.3.37 crore and their latest model, the FF priced upwards of Rs.4 crore.

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