Fiat 595 Competizione Abarth Teased: Launch Soon

Earlier, a decade back, there were apparently a handful of cars to name from the premium hatchback segment in India, but now many of them had came through a long way to suit pockets and desire of every size. Fiat, being Italian in its genes, is extremely focused on the performance, where with the 595 Competizione Abarth it will show the Indian fraternity what does it means. Stated to go with the launch soon, a teaser of the same is waived at the official website.

Fiat 595 Competizione Abarth is actually the most powerful version of the Abarth 500 and will get unleashed with the 1.4-litre turbocharged T-Jet petrol engine 158bhp and 230Nm of torque. This seamless power is channeled through a manual transmission for the lovers of speed, but the sophisticated ones can go with the automated manual transmission (AMT) for an easy move.

On the outer body, Abarth 595 Competizione holds Abarth badges, those signature body graphics, aggressive rear bumper, twin exhausts, roof-spoiler and seventeen-inch alloy wheels. Inside the cabin, buyers will get racing seats, flat-bottomed steering wheel, shift-indicator cum turbo-gauge and sunroof.

Fiat 595 Competizione Abarth Teased

Now, Fiat’s concentration in India has moved slightly towards the niche and selective audience. The launch of Linea T-Jet is one such example, where the 595 Competizione Abarth will soon follow the league. The Punto Abart (expected) too will follow this suit later.

However, the 595 Competizione Abarth is sound to cater only the selective buyers, who wish to go for fun on the city roads, while its compact dimension will help to squeeze into the corners just right. Mini Cooper remain its feasible competitor in India.

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