Fiat India Launches Technical Skill Development Programme Together With Don Bosco Called ‘Diksha’

Fiat India recently launched a social initiative, ‘Diksha’ for providing technical training and educational avenues for the Indian youth. The company came together with the Don Bosco Vyawasaik Prashikshan Kendra in Pune for beginning this initiative. The main aim behind this programme is provide a respectable means of livelihood for the poor, disadvantaged and orphans who are deprived from having good educational amenities.

Fiat said that this programme will make use of the vast training, concentration and knowledge available with the company for offering the highest quality of vocational training to those who are interested in entering the manufacturer industry. With this refined vocational training, the underprivileged students would be given skills to be able to work in an auto industry.

The CEO and President of Fiat India, Rajeev Kapoor, said that as the leaders in the auto industry, they are able to understand the varying dynamics in the field of manufacturing, realising when to upgrade training facilities at their vocational centres, so that they are able to deliver more skilled talent that will find work in a highly competitive field. With this initiative they hope to improve this process.

The main role of the company would involve improving and supporting the capability, knowledge, and competency of teachers and trainers, provide training internships in companies for students and teachers, as well as enhance the practical experience by delivering their workshop equipment, components, vehicles, training aids and teaching materials.

Meanwhile, Don Bosco would be responsible in selecting the students and conducting the programme and for getting accreditation from the government for all of the courses. Whereas Fiat would be providing job training at their dealership networks, and factory as well as train trainer programme.

The ‘Dikhsa’ initiative features courses such as the ‘Multi Brand Basic Auto Awareness for four wheelers’ that is a four months short term course. They will have 3 batches per year, where each batch will consist of 25 students. Another programme in this initiative is the ‘Centre of Excellence’ programme, which is a two year long term course. The syllabus and programme of this course will be equal to the state offered I.T.I. courses. For this course, each batch will consist of 21 students. Both the courses will get accreditation from National Council of Vocational Training, New Delhi, as well as joint certification from Don Bosco and Fiat.

One thought on “Fiat India Launches Technical Skill Development Programme Together With Don Bosco Called ‘Diksha’

  1. Hi Fiat India,
    I am happy to note that at last Fiat India is going through right direction.
    I wish this will catch up the eyes of many aspiring automobile technicians who can provide Fiat support through out India.
    All the best.
    I am owner of Linea and Palio Fiat cars and was looking for this sort of movement by the company so that we get the support of trained technicians.

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