Fiat Linea and Punto plan makeovers

Though they have been making a lot of attempts, Fiat India has unfortunately not been able to put a check to their ever reducing sales. In another bid to stop the same, the auto giants are planning the launch of revamped models of their sedan, the Fiat Linea as well as their hatchback, the Fiat Punto. The face-lifted versions of these cars can be expected to have a January launch.

On the basis of information that has been received so far, the Company is not launching any new models, as of now. They are only planning revamping these existing two models and plan to do so by adding a couple of features to each of them. Price of both these vehicles is also expected to be dropped. All this is being done to give the sales of these cars a much needed push. Certain leaks in information from spread out sources seem to indicate that the Company Logos have to be added at a higher position whereas rear headrests would be added to provide passenger comfort, in lines with Nissan Micra. There will be no changes done to the car engines as is apparent as of now. The only disappointing news that has come in from Fiat perspective is that the Fiat Bravo has not been intended to be lined up for the Indian market.

Fiat Linea in India

Test runs done with this vehicle to assess its suitability to Indian weather conditions have given a negative result, which has made the Indian launch of this vehicle impossible. Had it been launched, the Bravo would have been placed above the Linea and the Punto in the Indian market. Rumors also seem to indicate that Fiat Motors will not participate in the Auto Expo of 2012 that will be held early next year at New Delhi. This apparently is the cause for Fiat to bring forward the launching of their upgraded versions before the start of the Auto Expo; the Company is simply following a usual trend in doing so.

Fiat Punto in India

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