Fiat Slashes Prices of Diesel Cars to Drive Sales

While hike in fuel prices has already affected sales of petrol cars, witnessed in last month’s company sales figures, many manufacturers are still trying all they can to counter this with the help of diesel cars. One such company is Fiat India, who in order to push sales of their diesel cars, have slashed prices of their diesel models. In fact the company is now offering their diesel Linea and Punto for the same cost as their petrol counterparts.

Fiat India’s chief executive and president, Rajeev Kapoor, was quoted as saying that the hike in petrol prices has made diesel cars the preferred choice among car buyers. Fiat has led the revolution in diesel models in India and globally as well. According to them, customers want to opt for a diesel car as it has a low operational cost; however they are deterred due to the initial high price they have to pay.

The company stated they will offer these car buyers, the chance of buying a diesel Fiat Punto or Linea for the same cost as their petrol counterparts or get the equivalent cost back.

According to reports, a lucky few buyers of Fiat diesel cars also stand to win fuel coupons for a year. Customers who want to exchange their old models for a Punto or Linea will receive an additional INR 20,000 exchange bonus.

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