Bugatti Creates Porcelain Accented Special Edition Veyron Grand Sport worth $2.4mn

The fastest car maker in the world, Bugatti has developed a special edition 1.65mn Euros or $2.4mn of Veyron Grand Sport that includes extravagant features like porcelain accents and a caviar tray. Known as the L’Or Blanc, this is the first car to feature porcelain accents, according to the company.

The car has resulted with the joint efforts of a 248 yr old porcelain manufacturer, KPM based in Berlin, and the supercar brand of Volkswagen AG. This roadster will be showcased during the September Motor Show in Frankfurt. It was already been showcased in Berlin last week.

The sales chief of the brand, Stefan Brungs said that fitting porcelain in the fastest convertible in the world seemed like an oddball idea. However Bugatti has not made its name by shying away from having extravagant ideas. VW had purchased the Bugatti brand in 1998 together with Bentley and Lamborghini for competing with the Rolls Royce brand from BMW.

Under the reign of VW, the brand began producing the Veyron 16.4 two door model back in 2005. The last among only 300 units of this limited series car was sold only last week to customer in Europe. The L’Or Blanc that is painted in white, having lines in royal blue curving throughout the exterior was developed as a rare model for businessman from UAE, who according to Bugatti’s Wilm has 800 cars in his collection.

This car includes 12 elements in porcelain that include oil and fuel caps and wheel badges. Other characteristics include a panel that shows an elephant reared on its hind legs, a symbol of Bugatti mounted between seats, the KPM logo that is a scepter inlaid on the top part of the windshield.

One of the major highlights of this car is a dish made of porcelain placed on the centre console. The dish is to serve as a tray for caviar, when used with the provided ice bucket that is part of their special picnic set, said the design chief of the company, Achim Anscheidt. Everything is arranged in so that it provides max comfort when driving.

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