First high-speed production road car, Ferrari F40 turns 25

Since its launch in 1987, the Ferrari F40 has always exhibited its dominance fast and expensive cars segment all around the world. The car was the first production road car that left the 200mph speed mark behind. Its cost, 200,000 Sterling was enough to exhibit how special the car was in its features and performance. The engine featured was so powerful that it hardly takes it four seconds to move at 60mph speed from standstill, and even less than eight seconds to reach the 100mph mark.
The specialty of the car amongst Ferrari lovers was just not the speed of it, but also its exclusiveness as it was launched to celebrate the Italian automaker’s 40th birthday. The car was the last one to be commissioned by Enzo himself, who was then 89-years old at that time. The car turned out to be so demanding that the initial 400 F40s’ mark soon reached 1,315 units in a five-year run.

The car, which was launched to mark the 40 years of Ferrari’s excellence, has now turned 25itself. The celebration for this would be carried out later this month by over 68 revered cars’ gathering at the Silverstone Classic. The 85-year old designer of the car, SergioPininfarina, is still considered to have designed the best and the finest car in the form of F40 ever in his career. The car featured a small 2.9L 8-cylinder engine laid out in a V and two turbochargers. Although the engine is small, but it is powerful enough to deliver a peak power of 478bhp @7000rpm and a maximum torque of 425 lb-ft @ 4000rpm.

First high-speed production road car, Ferrari F40 turns 25

The legendary F40 was a perfect blend of lightweight carbon-fiber and Kevlar. Back then, Kevlar itself was an avant-garde technology. So you can imagine what level of excellence and sophistication did the F40 demonstrated back then.The car featured countless sophisticated features and equipment. It was the carbon-fiber and Kevlar mix that showed one of those features. The mix used in the car led the car to weigh just 1,100kg.The small engine actually covers up giant intercoolers and an incredible 335-section rear Pirellis. Apart from this, the car has an offset driving position with a three spoke Momo steering wheel mounted on it.

The moment you switch on the ignition, all the eight cylinders come into life and as you press the accelerator, the most memorable moment comes in when the three exhaust pipes blow out gases making noise just as an extraordinary bass line.

The beginning of aggression of the car is demonstrated by the way it propels itself when the tachometer needle crosses the 2000rpm mark and makes its way towards 3000rpm. The driving experience gets an edge when the car receives a boost at 3500rpm. By the time the tachometer needle points 7000rpm in it, I think then comes the best driving experience ever. Although it’s been 25 years since it has been launched but if you pick up any F40 car, it still exhibits the brilliance it had and takes your driving experience to a newer level.

I guess no one in this world is always interested in a 25-year old car. But I’m sure that it’s Ferrari’s name which comes before the F40 that sparked off your interest in reading a content regarding the 25thanniversary of the launch of a car. Well! Believe it or not, the old car still lags nowhere behind to prove why its manufacturer often termed as The Ferrari and why it is a pioneer in the sports car segment.

The car had a price tag of 193,000 Sterling in 1993 and 500,000 Sterling on its unspoiled model. The car’s driving experience is a must-do for all Ferrari lovers and believe me it is amazing in every possible way.

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