Cadillac CTS-S and BMW M5 – Who Wins the Race?

Sports car have always been racing each other while trying to beat and succeed on the tracks since ever and but BMW M5 and Cadillac CTS-V have been racing in the market also since their launch.

Cadillac strengthened its position in the market in 2008 with its power pact launch CTS-V that was marked as a competitor to the then four years old ruler of the sports car, BMW M5. The racing test organized between both the cars in that particular year to make the comparisons somehow proved that CTS-V had a slight edge over the BMW M5. However, BMW very amiably accepted the declaration of competition is now all set to hit the market with its new launch F10 M5 that has challenged the high demand of CTS-V as the new M5 is not only more spacious and extra long to look at but delivers a much better driving experience too.

Cadillac CTS-S and BMW M5 - Who Wins the Race?

Though being a completely desiring package with a 6.2-liter pushrod V-8, suede steering wheel, recaro a shift knob, CTS-V somehow lacks behind the new edition of M5 as it has incorporated improved quality tires that can beat even CTS-V on the race track. From inside to the outside, M5 has indeed surpassed the glory of CTS-V. Moreover, the 7-speed dual clutch transmission in the M5 makes the drive a smoother and quicker affair. Whether one likes to have comfortable and luxury drives or go for a thrilling and fast drive, BMW M5 has been designed for anyone and everyone so that every individual can have the experience of him own choice.

Claiming its reign back in the world of sports car, M5 has emerged as the most comfy and stylish sports car while providing the fun element on the racing tracks. Though CTS-V has all the right notes that are demanded from a sports car, it has somehow taken a back seat when it comes to competing the time as M5 is super fast and simply admirable vehicle.

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