Flat-Proof Tires To Enter Production Bay in 2014

Flat-proof tire was first introduced by Michelin in 2005 and since then it wasn’t leaked out for general audience.

It is also known as Non-Pneumatic Tires (NPT) and is very much useful for off-road purpose. Just some recent flicks back, Polaris had announced to bring this air-less technology for general public in ‘2014’. As said, it was actually built by Resilient Technologies which is now a part of Polaris acquisitions.

Describing this new offering, spokesperson of Polaris Mr. Jason Difuccia says, NPT is very similar to bicycle wheels as it carries load in tension across the top of wheel, while bottom of the wheel is carved to perform on obstacles like rocks, curbs and other such terrains.

Flat Proof Tires to Enter Production in 2014

If you want to feel those pleasures now, then check out this video! Definitely military people are the luckiest ones on earth, as they get a chance to experience such sort of things before anyone else could.

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