Volvo Unveiled Cyclist Detection Technology in Geneva

Geneva fever is still hadn’t left us, and we managed to get our hands on something new that the Swedish people are famous for.

This time at Geneva, Volvo had introduced new technology for the ‘safety’ of cyclists on road. This new system enrolls radar, camera and a central computer with powerful processor for its functioning.

The freshly evolved Cyclist Detection technology detects cyclist on the road and beeps a warning alarm to driver. Adding more to it, new package also applies brake on the wheels so that vehicle could be slowed down and no harm would be passed on to the two-wheeled rider and other pedestrians.

Volvo unveils cyclist detection system

Divulging other details, it is surfaced that, new safety feature identifies swerving cyclist on road by enrolling radar on the radiator grille, and also a camera that is placed in front of rear view mirrors. This information is then send to central computer without wasting a moment, which henceforth performs further action respectively.

Lending a comment on this new tech, Doug Speck, Sr. Vice President of Volvo said, “Our solutions for avoiding collisions with unprotected road users are unique in the industry. By covering more and more objects and situations, we reinforce our world-leading position within automotive safety. We keep moving towards our long-term vision to design cars that do not crash.”

Volvo had taken cues from a researched data for the development of this one of its kind safety feature, which says, around 50% of cyclist in Europe dies because of collision with cars; therefore to reduce those increasing numbers, huge amount of time, money and effort is splurged by this carmaker on the development of such brilliant outcome.

Already, all Volvos are lugged with pedestrian detection feature, which now soon will be accompanied by Cyclist Detection as well. However, it can be exclaimed that, Volvo always stand first in safety features for our beloved automobile fraternity, and the invention of three point seat belt proves this mettle with ease.

If you still don’t believe us, then this video will definitely help you out!

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