Flip-Flops Made Out Of Used Tyres In Kenya

The Best from Waste can have a lot of options; but when asked with regards to the waste like ‘automobile tyres’, one would have very little to name. We salute those who came out with solutions from scrapped tyres. Factually, 1.5 billion tyres are dumped every year around the globe.

Seeing to this huge number, need of a solution was must. Some geniuses from Africa revealed the best use of it by turning it into flip-flops.

Flip-Flops Made Out Of Used Tyres In Kenya

Men from Maasai tribes in south Kenya employed 100 years old technique to recycle these tyres into proper wearable flip-flops. And as per to a famous news source, this innovation is trending in good number.

Apart from the said, Anu Tandon Vieira from Mumbai (India) too got away by making all-weather outdoor furniture from them.

In Sweden, a company also manufactures stylish flooring out of this waste rubber.

So anyone else out there had witnessed this sort of activity from used tyres in and around themselves, can report to us in the comments box below. It can plight that idea or the initiative to another level.

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