Force Motors to roll out an MPV

Recently, the well known auto maker Force Motors had rolled out the Gurkha 4×4, their innovative off-road vehicle, in the country.

The said vehicle has been inspired by the Gurkha, which the firm had produced as a limited version for the domestic market, and it was mainly for export markets.

The Force Gurkha got its inspiration from the Gurkha troop, which does not quit easily.

In an interview, Mr. Naresh Kumar Rattan, President (Corp. Sales and Marketing) shared his opinions on the vehicle and also told about the firm’s growth proposals.

When asked that with the introduction of the popular Gurkha 4x4x4, what is the forthcoming vehicle that Force wants to roll out?

Force Motors
In his reply, Mr. Rattan said that after the introduction of Gurkha 4x4x4, the company is functioning on other loopings of the Force One and also functioning on an innovative multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

He said that the said MPV is based on the Viano podium (Mercedes-Benz). Examinations are on track, but it is not possible for me to give any information about the vehicle.

He also refused to give any time frame about the launching of the said MPV.

At the present time, the main concentration is to make the Gurkha available for sale, as it will be obtainable in all the private dealerships by the coming month.

On the query that what is the chief or key selling point of the innovative Gurkha over its rivalry, he replied that it boasts a firm-top along with front facing seats. In addition, the vehicle has superior quality interiors as against its rivals and the chief benefit it has is the differential locks.

On the question, when other editions of the Force 1 will be launched, he said that presently, the company is functioning on base variant and a 4×4 option for the Force 1.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Rattan added that at the present time, the company has thirty dealerships and they are eyeing to increase this number to 50 by 2013 end. This will assist the company to stretch out to more towns.

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