Audi rolls out car-shaped wireless computer mouse

The German auto manufacturer has launched a wireless PC mouse in the domestic market.

The newly launched car-shaped computer mouse is available at a price of Rs.5,599.

According to reports, the computer mouse will be obtainable at all authorized stores crosswise the nation.

Suitable for home as well as office, the new mouse comes with 2.4 gigahertz technology with scroll wheel as well as high-resolution.

Audi rolls out car-shaped wireless computer mouse
The mouse is accessible in grey color and it works well with personal computers and Macintosh computers.

In addition, the innovative mouse boasts of a highest operational range of 6 ms.

As per the statement released by the company, “With optimum ease assured the PC mouse has the form of an Audi car and is obtainable at all Audi authorized franchises crosswise the nation. A perfect blend of sportiness, complexity and progressivity, the said mouse has consistent and receiver free wireless link.”

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