Force One 4×4 and a New Entry Level Variant may Launch in India by the end of July

Force One had posted some nice numbers in sales of SUV segment, which are exclusively priced at Rs. 10-11 lakh range. And more to it, many biggies of industry are trying to reach this certain phenomena to queue up their product for a new set of audience, that sits just near to the drop back of Rs. 1 million account.

In fact to gain more out of the same, Pune based carmaker had started chalking out the different variants of (Force) One SUV for catering the lowest and highest possible range. This seems to be an experimental step in the industry but looking at Force’s reach we can say they can do better because of their extensive image recognition in interiors of India, where it most probably sells the vehicle. Naming those upcoming newbies, we mean experiments, it is named as the ‘4×4’ variant and a ‘new entry level variant’ with shredded off chrome and other cosmetic bits. To be specific, the AWD version is called as ‘LX’ and the new base version as ‘EX’ in the official repertoire of automaker. It is also rumored that an ABS version too will be rolled out along with those duos, to be named as SX, and will sit comfortably with the top-ends only.

As expected, these Force Motors launches may happen to take place in the end of July or at the start of August. But hopefully the ARAI test had been completed, due to which many test mules had been captured in spy shots. Now expectedly, the new metals are turning the tunes of ad agencies for their upcoming role in glamorous fanfare. Yet, the question arises here; do Force Motors still need Big B for further launches?

Force One 4x4

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Force Motors

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