It’s Official: Mitsubishi Outlander Discontinued in India

It was just yesterday when we had updated that Mitsubishi had discontinued EVO X and Cedia Sports in India. It now officially got cleared that Japanese too had rolled off the Outlander from our local shores to concentrate extremely on the SUV Pajero Sport. The specific words on official website say, ‘A Fashion Statement Has Moves Away From The Spotlight’. And just below to that there is a line saying ‘Outlander production is ceased’ in minute stances.

Well, the Outlander had been launched to India in 2009 and had also given with a facelift recently. But don’t know what the automaker had planned on its board for the future, so concluding something about the discontinuation at this time may not prove a subtle prodigy for any of us in the journalism context.

Since, there is another inclination going on our mind too. The Japanese automaker had previewed 2014 Outlander at 2013 Los Angeles Motor Show, so it may be possible that the organization happen to launch the same here by the end of this year.

Mitsubishi Outlander Discontinued in India
There could be anything in the pipeline! So it’s better to wait and watch what would come out from that unending dark end very eagerly.

Till then stay glued for the latest updates on our blog, we will be covering the Japanese organization on this note very minutely.

Mitsubishi Outlander

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