Ford cars at the Surat Auto Expo 2011 covered by Indiandrives team

One of America’s largest car manufacturer, Ford Motors were also present at the 2011 Surat Auto Expo. The Detroit based manufacturer had their best selling Ford Figo on display in a paprika red color and believe me, this is the color that most of the Ford Figo buyers should go for. It looks sensuous to say the least. The interiors again are spacious for a small car as also the quality of materials used is appreciable. The new alloy wheels also lend an air of class and now the looks of this car are more European. The head lamps are outlined by black lining. Inside, the instrument cluster has also undergone a change. The steering wheel however is still devoid of audio controls. The feel of the indicator stalks and other switches is crisp. The huge depression just above the glove box can be used for storing daily nip knacks. The music system as also the AC controls fall easily to hand. Boot space however is at a premium here. Rear seat space is also comfortable however Ford still persists with manual window down option instead of power windows at the rear.

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The Fiesta Classic was displayed with the main aim of showing visitors that none of the features which were present in the Fiesta have been axed. Except for the blacked out head lamps and a slightly reworked bumper, there was nothing much of a differentiation except for the badges. The older Fiesta was also displayed. Expect the 2011 Ford Fiesta soon.

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The biggest brute in the Ford lineup as of now in India, the Ford Endeavour, was also at display and this was the car which caught my attention. This was the automatic variant and build quality is something in the leagues of Volkswagen and group. This version however lacked the button controls on the steering wheel. The feeling of space is more than that of the Toyota Fortuner and also the quality of materials used seems to be a notch above that of the Fortuner. The big touchscreen navigation system is a must have for those buying the Endeavour. The Endeavour also has immense road presence. This is the dream car of my Chief Financial Officer and he is of the opinion that after seeing the car in flesh, he has made up his mind that he would buy this car by the end of 2011. Good thought and how about giving me the keys of this car for the weekend, eh?

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