Tata cars at the 2011 Surat Auto Expo covered by Indiandrives team

One of India’s largest car manufacturers, Tata Motors was present in full force at the Surat Auto Expo 2011. Except for their world renowned trucks, the company had displayed all their cars and buses. We would have wished the all new Tata Safari Merlin to be also unveiled at this show however that didn’t happen.

The world’s cheapest 4 door car, the Tata Nano isn’t the star attraction anymore however Tata Motors still had it on display. It was relatively deserted. But then you can take my word for it, the Tata Nano is not only the world’s cheapest car but also is very spacious considering its exterior dimensions. The instrumentation is basic but then they serve the purpose. Come on Tata, we Indians are awaiting the more upmarket Nano Europa in here.

Tata Manza Elan was also displayed at this show and yes, it did have its fair share of visitors thronging in. The car in wine red color looked fabulous plus the multi colored brushed alloys seem fabulous and were more like an aftermarket job. Interiors are the most spacious in its class and maybe a class above as well. It has almost Toyota Camry like space. The interior quality has noticeably increased but some panel gaps were uneven. Driving position is no longer awkward like the one in the old Indica and is much improved now. There is Bluetooth connectivity and many convenience features. Boot space is also class apart. This is one perfect car for both the chauffer and self driving individuals.

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The biggest car from the Tata Motors range, the Tata Aria was also present and was in a not so flattering white color. The Tata Aria is spacious no doubt but it is very pricey. If Tata Motors could just bring the price down, then they have a sure shot winner on their hands. The Aria also boasts of a high quality of materials in its cabin. It has got features galore however the most irritating one is the 7 sunglass holders in the roof. Now, that beats logic as to why would anyone need 7 sunglass holders?

The Tata Venture in a golden honey color was present at the show and certainly was checked out by many people. Like we had mentioned earlier, this is one of the most spacious MUVs in its class and definitely has better wearing interiors than the Maruti Eeco. The entire Indiandrives team was so impressed with this car that we felt that we should book one for office use. Don’t know when that is going to materialize but then it is still at the back of our minds.

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The Tata Magic, which is one step below the Tata Venture was the one car which had lots many flocking to it. This Magic was available with a CNG version. The 700 cc engine develops 22 Hp of power and a 5 speed gearbox linked to it. Build quality is expectedly so, not so good. The engine sits right besides the driver whereas the coolant is stuffed beneath where the passenger glove box should have been. Instrumentation is bare basic and interiors and driving position are truck like. The front passenger however doesn’t get any adjustment for his seat. The driver’s position is a “one size fits all kind” of seats. The rear seats are also very comfortable for its class. Unfortunately there is no airconditioner offered. If it’s a small business owner with a chauffer, he can use the Magic for his daily commute. Tata Ace was the other CNG variant which is spawned on the same platform as the Tata Magic. This one is more of the cargo loader types. It also uses the same Magic engine and develops same power as well. The interiors also look the same from the Magic.

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Then there was the 24 seater Tata Starbus and also the 48 seater one.

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