Ford EcoSport to co-exist in the Indian market with the Fiesta sedan

Right from the very beginning, Ford has been keeping the consumers guessing as to what the price of its recently launched Ford EcoSport compact SUV could be. As we all know that the EcoSport shares the same Ford B-Car platform as the Ford Fiesta sedan. Except for this singular similarity, these two cars are as similar as chalk and cheese. But now, Indian Drives has learned from reliable sources within the company that these two vehicles will now co-exist in the Indian market.

Ford EcoSport has already caught the imagination of the Indian auto lovers. It has to be said that Ford has done a commendable job with the EcoSport SUV. The design lines that the EcoSport comes with are enough to give the best in the business a run for their money and given the rising popularity that the compact SUV segment is currently witnessing in the country, EcoSport will surely be a hit with the Indian auto lovers.

Ford EcoSport to co-exist in the Indian market with the Fiesta sedanThe unique body styling of the Ford EcoSport, combined with hexagonal LED headlamps makes it stand out in crowd. The muscular and sturdy look of the EcoSport will definitely make it a darling of the SUV lovers in this country. Other external features of the EcoSport include the fog lamps which are far more prominent in this SUV compared to other vehicles in its class.

In terms of performance also, the Ecosport leaves its competitors far behind. The engine of the EcoSport puts out an amazing 120bhp of peak power along with 170Nm of peak torque. Rumors are rife that in the future the EcoSport will also be available in a diesel variant and could use the same 1.5L diesel engine as the Fiesta sedan. If this turns out to be true then EcoSport is here to stay for a long time to come.

Ford EcoSport to co-exist in the Indian market with the Fiesta sedan

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