Ford EcoSport to Launch on 26th June 2013

Finally after the lot of speculation, we got a chance to get closer with the launch of Ford EcoSport. This time grass is looking greener than before, and we had all the reasons to prove it right in terms of speculations.

We recently learnt that Alan Mulally, Ford President and Chief Executive Officer who recently flew down to India will be there for the rollout, which is expected to happen on 26th June 2013. Smelled, Ford to carry out this launch in Delhi, and rumor follows other metro cities may get the same dose on further dates. Well, we too hope that Ford now will reveal the complete product in the market, not leaving price to be there under cover for more of the time yet.

“The EcoSport looks fantastic. The Chennai team, together with our supplier partners, have done an outstanding job in delivering our customers a great looking, fuel efficient, safe, compact utility vehicle with impressive functionality and connectivity, at a very affordable price,” said Mulally, who was recently in Chennai to congratulate Ford employees on the first EcoSport shipments.

Ford EcoSport
Already known much about it, but still confirming once again, 1.0L turbocharged EcoBoost engine is also going to debut in India with EcoSport that had already claimed a lot of accolades on its name throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how we locals will perceive it performing on the crumbling yet almost broken Indian roads. Escorting the EcoBoost will be the normally tuned 1.5L petrol and diesel engines to compete various segments more aggressively here.

This and again, we say it may be the last speculation for EcoSport, and the next time we emerged to you with this topic will be given down with the launch invitation in our hands.

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