Finally we get a sneak peak at the Lamborghini Gallardo’s successor

It has been circulating in the market that, Lamborghini is designing a successor for its most amazing sports car, Lamborghini Gallardo. The news revealed so far, say that this new successor will be called Carbrera. The soon to be held Frankfurt Motor Show, is chosen as the platform, on which it will be first disclosed to the world. The production team is planning to launch Carbrera for sale by the year 2014. Currently it is being tested for efficiency in an European facility from where some pictures have been leaked.

Lamborghini, common name for Automobili Lamborghini, is an Italian manufacturing company that specializes in making luxury sports cars. It comes under the Volkswagen group of industries through Audi. At present, Lamborghini produces cars that are powered by V10 and V12 engines.

Lamborghini has produced many sports car over the past 5 to 6 decades. But so far, its most successful innovation has been its Lamborghini Gallardo.

This iconic car has changed the face of Lamborghini in an outstanding way. It was launched in the year 2003. Several other models were launched on the same platform from 2004 onwards. Gallardo has had a remarkable sales record. Gallardo sold beyond 10,000 units in the initial 7 years of its launch and 12,000 units so far. Several generations were launched, all of which were received readily by the people. Mostly all of them had V10 engines.

Lamborghini Gallardo
The newly designed successor, Carbrera, is said to be a combination of Gallardo and Aventador. This new car , is larger in dimensions from all aspects, than both Gallardo and Aventador. It has, as expected a V10 engine with a fuel capacity of 5.2 litres. It can generate a power of 592bhp with a torque of 542Nm. It has a dual clutch transmission offering a 4 wheel drive. It may have an E gear just like the original Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Gallardo Back View

The Lamborghini fans are awaiting anxiously for the launch of this master piece, which will not happen until mid of the year 2014.

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