Ford Fiesta 2011 to be in India soon

Ford aficionados rejoice. Ford India have announced that the new Ford Fiesta 2011 would be unveiled in India very soon. The buzz that this new car has created in the electronic media, even before its launch is testimony to the fact that the Indian public can no longer wait for the launch of this car. The current Fiesta range wouldn’t be scrapped and would be continued like what Hyundai does with the Hyundai Accent. It would be positioned as a more up market vehicle to the current Fiesta. The current Fiesta’s prices look set to be reduced in the future to attract more customers. Going by the spy pics floating around on the internet, it seems that the new Ford Fiesta 2011 model in India would feature design cues from the Maruti SX4 as well as the Fiat Linea. It is said to be more spacious than the current version, would have more up market interiors as well as a new range of engines.

The manufacturing plant in Chennai would be the place where this new sedan would be built. As always, the vehicle would have class leading handling and ride characteristics. The Ford Figo set the pace for the launch of about 8 new cars in India by Ford India by 2015. The Figo has been raking in unbelievable numbers in its category and has infact brought more customers into the Ford umbrella than any other car from its stable. Now Ford India, can you please announce the launch date of the Ford Fiesta 2011 model?

24 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta 2011 to be in India soon

  1. Looks very good mean machine. I hope it is even improved from inside and performance as well. Overall should be the best deal for today.

  2. This would be a better choice at when other doing cheap things with Indian market by launching of hatch back versions into sedans .Anyways
    It’s damm cool

  3. hey its really cool
    one of my friend is in ford chennai .. he says it ll be near about 6.9lacs diesel base model .. i ll definitely by mid variant

  4. Waiting for the ford fiesta new model of diesel. I will definitely buy FORD FIESTA DIESEL VERSION.

  5. Hyundai Verna and this model (Fiesta 2011) create confusion b’cos of their attractive looks.
    I can’t decide right now which one I will go for …. 🙂

  6. after long time may we ll see a good car
    if it is better than old fiesta i’ll sell my old fiesta and buy the new one

  7. Excellent design, beautiful lines and profile. Definitely having an edge over new fluidic Verna

  8. i like this superp is equal to honda city car.if the car price 7 lakhs i will buy the car

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