Ford Fiesta Production Halted, Could be Replaced by A Facelift

After stopping the production of the Figo hatch, Ford now seems to have done the same with the Fiesta sedan. No Fiesta has been produced in July as well and by all accounts, this trend will continue in the future as well.

The Fiesta as a car never really took off in the Indian market. Even though it had a pretty competitive price tag attached to it, car buyers in India never took any serious interest in it. And it is quite evident from the figures. According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM), Ford was able to sell 289 units of the car (both the new and old Fiesta combined) during the first quarter of this fiscal, compared to 1850 units it sold during the same period last year. Total sales of the Fiesta from April to July in this fiscal stands at an all time low of 303 units.

Ford Fiesta Production Halted, Could be Replaced by A Facelift

Keeping this figures in mind, Ford decided to stop production of the Fiesta in May earlier this year. But all is not lost as far as the Fiesta is concerned. As reports suggests, Ford is actually planning to have a second go with the Fiesta in India by launching a facelifted version of the car in the coming days. Rumours have it that the facelifted Fiesta could be fitted with a new and more powerful engine. It’s only in the near future we would get to know for sure if this rumours hold any water or not.

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