Ford Figo lets Ford climb up 3 fold in the sales chart

Most of the automobile companies in India know that they can claim a market share if they can actually have a small hatchback in their portfolio with good pricing. Ford Motors realized this a bit late but then things weren’t out of hand as in 2010, Ford did launch a new small car in India namely the Ford Figo. Things couldn’t have been better for the company with the car sweeping the “Car of the Year” award at many events all across the country.

The icing on the cake has now come with the Ford Figo been the major volumes driver in the Ford stables with Ford registering sales of 9,293 units for the month of February 2011. This number is significant considering that Ford Motors managed to sell only 3,223 units for February 2010. As of now, Ford is said to have sold more than 76,000 units of the small car from its launch in India. Mr Michael Boneham, Ford India Managing Director and President was elated on hearing this news and commented that he is very happy with the car’s response in the market and this will allow the company to present their newer models into the Indian market with vigor. It is said that Ford plans to introduce about 8 all new models into the Indian market within the next 5 years. The first to come is obviously the Ford Fiesta with an all new platform, look and engines.

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