Tata Motors make clean sweep at the Desert Storm Rally

As we all know, Desert Storm Rally is one of the most important rallies as regards all the rallies held in India. Not only that, this was the first time that any car manufacturer has backed a team and it is our very own Tata Motors. Earlier on, we had reported about the same a few weeks back. Now news has come in that Tata Motors have actually made a clean sweep at the Desert Storm Rally 2011. The Ndure category was the place where the Tata cars were at their best.

The Full Throttle team, as it is called by Tata Motors has ensured that they win at each and every rally that they participated in. For the Ndure A category, they hit bulls eye with winning the podium at all the ranks and coming in the third and 1st position for the Ndure rally overall. Tata Motors currently produces 3 off-roaders from its stable namely the newly launched crossover, the Tata Aria, the Tata Safari and also the Tata Xenon XT. Except the Aria, all other cars were present in the rally. Actually two Xenon XTs and two Tata Safaris were present. Both in their 4×4 form of course. It was earlier on, a month back to be exact that Tata Motors announced their intent of getting into the world of MotorSports and this victory couldn’t have come at a better time.

3 thoughts on “Tata Motors make clean sweep at the Desert Storm Rally

  1. This is not the first time that an automotive company has backed a team.
    Team Mahindra in it’s Scorpio’s has won the desert storm the past 1-2 years already.

    1. the number of titles won by tata is much more than that of mahindra……….infact mahindra vehicles sucks when it comes to offroads and rallies……..bcos i have got both and looking for customers to sell off my scorpio VLX-MHAWK ….its really crap vehicles…..sorry dude…..:)

      moreover………mahindra was nowhere when tata safari was first invented…..i have seen only tractors …

  2. thats a great oppurtunity for the indian trilling mastes to check there ability in the field of that type of adventure………and we all say thanx to tata motors which they organise that type of event thax alot tata motors…..

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