Ford Figo vs. Honda Brio: A comparison

Once again the Honda Brio has come back in brimming production and the firm has paced up the advertisements in the electronic as well as the print media to fully market the car. Designed with a good volume of astute curiosity, this car has successfully made an increased ratio of sales in the nation and gave a good jolt to its rival, the Ford Figo. The American compact car has been gripping the market of premium hatchbacks when Honda Brio jumped in to disturb this pace of Ford Figo when it wanted to topple the Hyundai i20 from the second position. We should certainly check out how the Ford Figo goes head to head with Honda Brio and who prevails to be the best amongst the two.

Engine: Specification & Performance

The Honda Brio hatchback is boosted by an i-VTEC, 1198cc, petrol engine that is capable of churning out an optimum power of 88 PS at 6000 rpm and a high-end torque of 109 NM at 4600 rpm.  The engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission where fivegears are for forward movement and one-gear is for reverse. This car can do a 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 16 seconds with a top speed of 158 kmph.

Ford Figo

On the other hand, the Ford Figo has somewhat an equally powerful DOHC 16V 1196cc Duratec petrol engine which can pump out an impressive 70 bhp at 6250 rpm with a peak torque of 102 NM at 4000 rpm. This engine is mated with a five-speed manual transmission. There are a total of eight variants of Figo in which four each are of diesel and petrol. Ford Figo is better here when it comes to engine specification and performance with an ability to do a 0 to 100 kmph in 16 seconds with a maximum speed of 175 kmph.

Honda Brio


Honda Brio’s exterior can certainly turn heads when it goes on the road. This hatchback has been done nicely in an intelligent manner to make it look seductive. The fog lamps, rear defogger, antenna which is integrated on the roof, rear wiper, rear spoiler, tinted glass, alloy wheels, chrome grille at front, body coloured door handles as well as front and rear bumpers, halogen headlamps are few of the enchanting features on the exterior of the Brio. Six colour options make the enchanting range of Honda Brio more attractive with Crystal White Pearl, Alabaster Silver, Urban Titanium, Taffeta White, Rallye Red and Alabaster Silver.

Ford Figo

The Ford Figo has an excellent blend of style and appeal when it comes to its exterior which makes the jaw drop when someone sees it. This hatchback has an exterior designed in such a fashion that lures the customers towards its. The aggressive front, with a human eye like cluster for headlamp with neatly placed turn indicators above them makes it look very unique. The emblem of Ford adorns the front upper grille whilst the large lower grille gives it the distinctness. The outside rear view mirrors, door handles and bumpers are all done in body colour that makes everything on the exterior look as one single piece of pain job is done with a great artistic finishing.

Honda Brio


Honda Brio has some really good interior attributes and a good quality dashboard refinement that adds to your pleasure and passion for driving when you enter the cabin. The car is very spacious and it can accommodate up to five passengers in its compact cabin with ease. The company has done some exceptional work on its roof mating and the inner panels of the door that is really commendable.

Ford Figo interior

On the other hand, Ford Figo boasts the best in class cabin with exotic interiors.The hatchback has multiple functions that you would not find in any other car of this segment. Flawlessly embellished with exquisite colours that are spot on, the dashboard looks like it is fitting well with the cabin outfits in its entirety. The power steering which is three-spoke with upholstery of fabric and seats that are double tone coloured, bump the interior’s standard. There is no doubt that Ford Figo is the legion car in its segment.

Honda Brio interior


Honda Brio hatchback offers a blissful luxurious level of convenience and comfort to serve its passengers. Air-conditioner, pocket on the back of seat, power steering with tilt steering adjust mechanism, music control switches on the steering wheel, power windows, power adjusted outside rear view mirrors, MP3 player integrated into the dash, driver’s seat adjustment through a manual mechanism are a few of the many features this hatchback is equipped with. Other than the features of convenience and comfort the hatchback has good head-room, shoulder-space and leg-room to make the passenger’s ride a very pleasing and memorable experience.

Ford Figo is no less than the Honda Brio in convenience and comfort. This hatchback has an endless list of features which it boasts for the level of pleasure through a comfortable ride it offers. There are tonnes of advance features in its Pandora’s Box. The Mp3 player with a radio and its four-speaker system and a Bluetooth interface for phone are among the advance attributes it offers to its passengers. The control system has been stacked in a central manner that reduces the pressure on the user by letting him use the facility while driving effortlessly. The usual features which include electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors, power windows and boot opening through a remote are the basic whereas Ford Figo has filled more into the car to make it better and best than its previous models.

Ford figo interior


The real test of any automobile is its fuel efficiency for that decides if the vehicle is coming reasonable or costly at the end of purchase. The Honda Brio gives a descent mileage of 18.3 kmpl whereas the Ford Figo gives a fantastic fuel efficiency of 12.5 to 14.5 kmpl within the city limits and 15.5 to 18.5 kmpl on the highway. So the Figo beats Brio in the race of mileage.

Price Tag

Everything finally boils down to one thing and one thing only, the price of the vehicle. Honda Brio begins with a tag of Rs 3.95 lakh and scales up to Rs 5.10 lakh where its competitor Ford Figo comes under the price racket of Rs 3.59 lakh to Rs 5.48 lakh that depends on what variant one opt for.


When it came to engine specification and performance the Honda Brio had the advantage because of its few numbers more in the power and torque section in comparison to the Ford Figo. On the exterior both give each other a very tough competition.So it would be better if the buyer decides according to his preference of the outlook they admire or relate to the most. When it is about cabin space, Ford Figo has an upper hand while Honda Brio claims to accommodate five passengers easily. In the battle of overall attributes, Ford Figo seems to have more of the features, but then Honda Brio has a different set of features in its car altogether that ultimately beings these two on a position of tie in this particular platform of comparison.

Honda Brio interior

With a few metres the Ford Figo rules over Honda Brio in the mileage criteria but if you ask any auto expert they will tell you that mileage is all about the health of the engine, the road condition and the driving style of the driver, so it all depends on you which you choose and how you handle them to bring out more of the fuel efficiency characteristics. When it finally came down to price, Honda Brio lost to the Ford Figo for the later has the lowest price in the starting variant of its model but when it came to the high end model’s price, Ford Figo lost to Honda Brio for the earlier has a last tag of Rs 5.48 lakh and the later has a final tag of Rs 5.10 lakh, a huge difference to account for.

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