Ford Ikon- RIP

So Ford Ikon seems to be the next big thing. We know it’s been launched ages ago and it just can’t be the next big thing. But what we are talking about is that it’s a new task for Ford Motors. They are planning to discontinue the apple of their eyes Ford Ikon. It seems that the company has finally decided to bid adieu to one of the best car under its shed. In January this year Ford failed to sell even a single Ikon. The dealers have stopped giving anymore orders to the company as they are clearing the remaining stock, which indeed clearly states the reason to discontinue this 12 year old model.

It was expected that as soon as BS IV norms will come into existence, it’ll be a really tough call for various BS III cars to sell in tier I cities. Undoubtedly the same thing happened with the Ford Ikon. This model of Ford was discontinued from 13 cities as soon as BS IV norms were given a clean chit in metros. But then what was unexpected was that the sales bar of Ford Ikon will take such a sharp dip to the lowest point in the graph. We knew that there was no point in talking about the sales of Ford Ikon in cities then, but even the dealer in the BS III cities also decided to not to take any more orders because of the stock taking.

Ford was introduced in the Indian automobile market in the year 1999. It was one of the important models of Ford then and even now until the BS IV norms cropped in. The company claimed that this model was specifically designed to meet the requirement of the average Indian and also the average Indian roads and we actually felt that it was true. Undoubtedly this car was successful in India. After running successfully in India, the company decided to export it to various other markets globally. Initially offered in three engine types, this car definitely had captured the hearts of many people in India. Poor car it had to go through that entire trauma. Bless its mortal engine.

3 thoughts on “Ford Ikon- RIP

  1. I’m one of those lucky people who have had enjoyed the ride in this cra…
    Not only that I do have a Ford Ikon at my place as well…
    That’s another story that my car is 7 years older… I mean it is old enough to get retire but then I love it

    The news is definitely sad…but not me… after driving it for past 4 years (got my licence by then) I knew that it won’t do well in what you call tier III cities and Tier II cities.

    BTW I really really really liked the way you wrote it…
    cheers to your writing

  2. 10 year old petrol ikon is up for sale.
    i am planning to use on lpg for 3 yrs.
    should i go for it for use in bangalore?

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