Ford Mustang Enters India For Testing Purpose

As we have informed about the Mustang to soon enter India, being on a troll Ford has reportedly roped the Mustang in the country for testing purpose. The carmaker was astound of raising the bar when the news came pouring, Ford intends to launch Mustang in right-hand drive markets as well, which India is a one.

A source on internet usually catering to this sort of news laid down the confirmation that American carmaker had landed the vehicle at Chennai and is a GT Premium Fastback version. For an obvious reason, the car is here for testing purpose, which after that will soon make to the launch without any delay.

Mustang being imported as completely built unit is bound to attract hefty import duties, which will turn it into a strong rival against the heavyweights of German and Italian carmakers. For the given reason, the task of selling may turn quite challenging in the country, but as per se Ford it is brought here to remain as the halo product. Though, one can say, the car is for selected buyers, and being belonged to the American muscle family it will enjoy only niche presence due to the assorted taste of buyers.

Ford Mustang Enters India For Testing Purpose

In the engine bay, Ford is bound to deliver a 5.0L V8 for the GT Premium Fastback that packs power of 430 horses and 542Nm of torque using a six-speed manual. Buyers can also opt for the six-speed automatic who wished for a more comfortable drive, but enthusiasts like will surely like to draw the former option.

Hence, cut away all the clutter, source further recommended, Mustang of Ford will get priced at somewhere double to RsĀ 35,75,484, because this was the value quoted at the terminal.

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