Ford’s new concept car to debut at IFA Consumers Show in Berlin next month

Not so contradicting, we learnt Ford is on the new high to pitch up the competition in its own stride. Regarding same the news had now arrived, Blue Oval carmaker is going to unveil a new concept car at the upcoming IFA Consumer Show in Berlin next month.

No details or the photos of said had been landed for the media houses to feast upon, but it is learnt that car will have “breakthrough technology features”, out of which most of them are going to happen in the range of safety and convenience equipments, seems like taking on Volvo for an extent.

An addition to the concept car to its lineup does also makes clear that, Detroit based carmaker is now heading towards a commitment which will harness the technology to make the best of it for the safer yet a convenient driving experience.

It’s not all that, at the upcoming IFA Consumer Show in Berlin, Ford too will lend more of the information on the SYNC with AppLink, which is expected to hit the market later this year.

Ford to Debut New Concept Car in Berlin Next Month
The stage is set for the IFA Berlin from 6th September 2013, but as per to us, the fire will ablaze the scheduled lineup from 4th September itself in terms of photos and videos. So stay tuned for additional German excitement.

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