Formula One: Sebastian Vettel wins Indian Grand Prix title again

Opposing international champ Sebastian Vettel moved to his fourth successive triumph and broadened his lead in 2012’s title contest to 13 spots when he pointed his Red Bull car to triumph during Sunday’s Indian Grand Prix.

After an overjoyed celebration on the triumph podium, in front of over 65,000 crowd, he said: “It has been unbelievable. To come here both years, get the pole and win the race is incredible. It is a very unique Grand Prix and I really like this route.”

Alonso, running a close second in the drivers’ standings and starting fifth on the grid, displayed his fighting abilities to claim the second spot. Mark Webber, the other Red Bull driver, staved off a strong challenge from McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton to take the third place.

Formula One Sebastian Vettel wins Indian Grand Prix title again
The triumph took Sebastian to 240 points and assisted Red Bull, currently 407 points, soften its position more at the top of the table.

On the other hand, Ferrari and McLaren remained at second and third positions with 3 battles to go.

Sebastian drew pleasure from the reality that the joint effort took him to a great victory, in which he utilized the one-stop approach to end almost 10 seconds clear of the second-positioned Alonso.

The German stated, “It was an outcome of all of us working hard mutually over the weekend…It was a wonderful tactic from the group.”

Formula One Sebastian Vettel wins Indian Grand Prix title again
Alonso, wanting to stay as near to Sebastian as possible, with the aim to keep his prospects alive for the championship, gave a heroic performance.

The Spaniard went ahead of Webber with 12 laps to go as the Australian faced some troubles with his KERS.

He forced hard in the concluding phases but Vettel was too quick for him.

“I think I can win the championship. I will not give up,” said Alonso.

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