Honda to roll out Diesel Brio edition

Honda Cars India has been confronting some hard times recently because of the shortage of diesel powered cars.

And to adjust this fault in their sales graphs, Honda India is ready to roll out 3-4 diesel versions in their existing sedan and compact utility vehicle array by the coming 2-3 years.

As per a conference that took place yesterday, the first diesel catered vehicle will be constructed off the Honda Brio platform and has been codenamed, 2TP.

Honda to roll out Diesel Brio edition
Honda India has disclosed its proposals for diesel catered cars will then extend to the Honda Jazz, City and the new MPV/SUV. The possible sizes for these cars comprise 1.2 and 1.5-litre diesel engines hinging upon the model. But as per Honda’s Thailand internet site, it is possible to boast the 1.5-litre engine size and will be below 4 meters in length to take full advantage of excise duty advantages that should promise cutthroat pricing.

As per Honda Cars India president and MD Hironori Kanayama, “We have really ambitious proposals for diesel in the coming years. The new engine will drive all new models aligned for the coming time, comprising the new small sedan next fiscal. We expect to have around 3-4 diesel cars by the next two years, we are thinking of a series and which model we will fit the engine for the launch.”

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