Geely’s Successor to Volvo XC 90 Will Be Released in Late 2014: Volvo Chief

Geely’s handshake looks set to reveal a new outcome in the late 2014, as said by Hakan Samuelsson, Chief Executive of Volvo. He also added, newbie will be a successor to the Volvo XC 90 model plate.

Overall, duos have planned to come up with a compact platform for something new fragmentation that is considered as an “expansion” step towards European market range. The latest offering will be rivaling BMW and Mercedes stances which we hope maybe more of glamorous quotient rather than safety foil, unlike as of the existing product line. The compact platform will also feature several other name badges in future.

At present, new-generation XC 90 underpinning is being engineered in Sweden. The same is slated to underpin successor of S80 flagship sedan as well, which will have options to engulf a number of engines and gearboxes inclusive of the new one i.e. plug-in hybrid too. This framework is known as ‘SPA’ inside the work environment of Swedish organization, actually means Scalable Product Architecture.

 Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson
Getting back to the compact scale, as it is being jointly developed by both Volvo and Geely, henceforth deriving model meant to be manufactured at new Volvo plant of Chengdu, China.

Meanwhile, all this discussion was taken place at sidelines of New York Auto Show, reclining to most of the true accounts for future exclusive of rumors captivation on part.

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