Nissan Micra to get a 1.2 Litre Supercharged for Shanghai Auto Show

Nissan Micra is just now revealed with a facelift in Thailand, and to make it more lucrative, Japanese had planned to roll it out in the version of 1.2 liter Supercharged for China market.

Micra is also known as March in some of the Asian territories and, which was in a tremendous need of the facelift, being followed by supercharged engine in a small capacity to follow same trend of the other Asia-bound products.

Previously it was tided in the 80 PS powered 1.5 liter four cylinder jag, but now the new supercharged 1.2 liter will spin out a comprehensive 100 PS underneath three-cylinder. The upgraded technical refinement is tagged as “March 1.25” and is slated to launch by the next month at Shanghai Auto Show.

Nissan Micra
Gaining more to the enhancement, further refinement will be carried with the 5 speed manual or the similarly treaded CVT.

All this information was updated on Chinese website named, which we hope may soon land us some more of the inclinations in future. Here, spy pics are relating March 1.25 to pre-facelift model, instead of the newly arrived metal.

Meanwhile, only the time will tell what is going under the skin this beauty, when it will be finally faced on upcoming Shanghai event.

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