GM to introduce redesigned Camaro in 2015

General Motors is up to the task of improving perfection when it comes to redesigning the Chevy Camaro. It starred in the movie ‘Transformer’, and has been the most dominating muscle car in the world. Eating into the sales of Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Hyundai Genesis, the Camaro holds a share of 40 per cent in the rear-wheel-drive performance coupe segment, selling over 88,249 units last year. The Mustang closed in second at 70,438 units, while the Challenger and Genesis sold 39,534 and 32,998 units, respectively.

It is the most remarkable design that GM is trying to alter and imperfections may inevitably creep in. According to reports, the next Camaro will undergo serious diet while sharing a common platform with Cadillac ATS, to achieve better fuel economy.

GM to introduce redesigned Camaro in 2015

We don’t oft hear the Camaro winning any Grand Prix, but the next Camaro will be designed for performance on and off the track. However, GM will try to achieve this without compromising the cruising ability of the Camaro. Since the thirty muscle car is being designed for improved fuel economy, it may dump the current V8 for an improved V6. But these are just speculations, and nothing is certain at this stage.

Performance is just one end, and when it comes to Camaro, the beefed up muscle appeal cannot be compromised. As Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer of Camaro explained to Automotive News, “In some ways it’s actually going to be tougher (to design the next Camaro). Do you make it look like a second-gen (built from 1970-81), or do you make it look like the first gen (1967-69)?”

The car is still in the development stage and has a long way to go. Officials did not disclose any detail on the styling and appeal of the next Camaro. Expecting a debut by late 2015, the Camaro may join a different lineup of cars, unlike the current variant.

While GM plans on its next muscle car, Ford has planned the next-gen Mustang to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2014. We also brought you the news of Dodge bringing its next Challenger, dubbed Barracuda, to challenge Camaro and Mustang. Then why would the Koreans and Japs be behind? While Hyundai is working on a more powerful and refined Genesis in coming years, Nissan is building a tougher an more powerful replacement for 370Z.

This puts GM neck to neck with other muscle cars, not just in America, but also globally. Do you think that GM can get it right with the Camaro this time?

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