Skoda’s new crossover SUV named Snowman

We previously bought you the news of Skoda brining a new crossover, based above and below the Yeti. Well, the Czech automaker plans to flood the market with a fleet of crossovers by 2014 to 2016. In the lineup is an SUV based on the VW Tiguan, following which will be a crossover based on the more style conscious, Skoda Yeti.

And if you thought Yeti was just a myth, what will be your opinion on the big brother Snowman 4X4. Based on the VW SUV Tiguan, the Snowman 4X4 is expected to hit the market in 2014, featured in three different variants- Standard wheelbase, Extended wheelbase and four-door coupe.

Skoda's new crossover SUV named Snowman

Though it is derived from the parent company SUV, the product will be developed and styled to give the traditional Skoda appeal, with waterfall grille and four quasi-round headlamps. It will derive the front looks from Octavia, while the side and rear body will be beefed up, featuring deep tailgate and C-shaped light graphics. Adopting the flexible functionality of room from Skoda, the Snowman will also feature folding, moving and tumbling seats to make room for passengers or luggage.

Second in line, the Skoda Yeti‘s offspring will feature a longer wheelbase, increased ride height and a longer rear overhang, along with adopting the 4X4 and smart packaging technique from the Yeti. However, it will share the platform with sixth generation Polo.

Skoda's new crossover SUV named Snowman

Also finding room under the bonnet is new power plant. The crossovers are expected to be powered by a new 2.0 Turbo Diesel pumping up to 177 bhp, a massive 37 bhp more than the current motor. It is expected to hit the European market by 2016.

We recently took the 4X2 for a test drive and previous took the 4X4 for a spin, and both the machines have spectacular performance. Skoda seems to be an expert with crossover SUVs and we will be waiting for the next product in the lineup.

Source: CarMagazine

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