GTA also happens in real life: Photo Gallery

We all know Grand Theft Auto (GTA), which rocked the whole gaming industry with the numbers that it is sold in.

More interestingly, the experience that one gets while playing it is just amazing. It may take gamers like us compelling number of days to complete the entire level without leaving our seat, if it is possible to do so in one seating. But disappointingly, due to its vast variations it takes some interesting number of weeks to do so. Meanwhile, our friends at Autoevolution got so tempted with the aura of game while playing it, that they finally started looking the various postures of GTA in real life also. Fascinatingly, they landed upon the number of pics which depicts the situations of game in our real world too. We had posted all of them down this post in form of “Photo Gallery”. Hence, we must say, after all the maker of such games takes inspirations from real life only, here we have the proof!

To an addition, our friends also added GTA map, wanted level, weapon selector, health level and money level to these real-life images, which undoubtedly makes them a screen-shot of the GTA game itself.

Grand Theft Auto V Happens in Real Life

Have a look at it, we bet one will not be able to stop himself from downloading these images, and we too say go ahead and tweet, post, have fun. This may remain a memorabilia for we auto freaks.

[nggallery id=157]

Source: Autoevolution

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