Handy Driving Tips for Monsoon, by Tata Motors

Monsoon days are getting over, and the Rain Gods seem embellishing the last lot of showers over us. Posting the monsoon tips at this unresponsive time is sounding like a bit delayed towards our efforts. But though, we had kept it on our board for publishing it since days back. Hence, the shortage of staff in our organizations made us to write only for the ‘news section’ itself, and not anything else apart from that. Well, not every late is too late, and this post of our is not being an exception, so we then decided to make one informed what measures they can take to keep their car happy and smiling during the greeny days of monsoon.

Before continuing this post, let us inform the information which is going to be published below is shared to us by Tata Motors. So it means, the points mentioning the topic here is been tested and verified officials of Indian carmaker and are genuine to its core.

Firstly, the tips start from inspecting the vehicle, that too before igniting the engine in the morning. An overnight parking of vehicle in monsoon can lead to various serious mishaps, like the battery failure, leakages, deflation of tyres and such. So it means, doing a perfect inspection in the morning will definitely lead a one to sway his route with smooth tarns. Otherwise, he may have to be stranded amidst the roads looking for mechanic or the towing vehicle for making his vehicle reach safely at its desired spot. To an addition, we also advice our readers to make sure that a good acceleration session in the morning is tend to make the day spent well. Very importantly, it is advisable to also hear the sound of creep and its likes while accelerating firstly in the morning. It will lend a good help in understanding the tune of vehicle as well.

Handy Driving Tips for Monsoon, by Tata Motors
Checking coolant level in surge tank (plastic reservoir) is a healthy habit.

Water level in wind shield washer reservoir shall always be topped with clean water as and when required.

Brake fluid level must be inspected on a strict note. Hence, brake is an important feature, it is meant to be functioning rightly/perfectly during the days of monsoon, in order to avoid skidding.

Wipers must be paid attention, clear vision on the roads during monsoon are dues to it. However, Bosch one works better than any of the else in the market.

Wiper blades shall be checked regularly to avoid creepy vision during showers.

As earlier said the brakes must be working in proper condition, to an addition we would like to explain that use of parking brakes for most of the time during monsoon is mandatory. As the roads are slippery during these days, there are chances that vehicle could slide even after standing on a flat surface. That’s because, a small jerk from the passing by pedestrians or the vehicle may tend the Car to move forward and get crashed into something else.

Foggy climatic conditions and cloudy weather always make the vision darker for the car drivers, which in return sometime crates a near to zero visibility type of scenario. It makes the ‘use of light’ a compulsion in this season, where our point of saying ‘make sure the reverse lights are working when the gear lever is in reverse slot’ a beefy refinement to the gist.

While driving the rains, it is advisable to go SLOW always, speeding may cause fatalities.

In connection to that, one must switch on the rear defogger to make the indication a long way before the other vehicle could turn up nearby.

Don’t hesitate in using the parking lamps during daytime, when the scenario out there turns dark and cloudy.

Meanwhile, during the rains and dark climatic conditions, need not to forget the upper/dipper. It acts as a boon to the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Mentioning this stanza in the initial stages would have posed more of importance to the topic, but putting it between here will remind a one during its immediate urgency. ‘Clean and functional tail lamps’ are the words to check before monsoon. Though, this negligence sounds negligible in itself, but we say the same may poise the mishap by running a collision during the rainy season, as due to the lack of indication visibility.

And when on hilly areas, make sure the use  of handbrake are not just an additional piece of advice, but it shall be applied as mandatory in those areas, where gradients are loosening due to the time and water flowing over it making them smooth.

Overall, we would like to suggest, always go in the direction made by the Regional Traffic authorities, otherwise going against them is dangerous, in normal days too, but during monsoon it is like walking a fine line between the prospect of life and death.

Other minute details include, all drivers must remember (at all times) carrying essentials like a valid driving license, insurance and registration papers, and PUC receipts in the vehicle. Drivers should also keep handy emergency help- line numbers for on-road assistance, carry a First Aid kit, a water bottle handy for multi-purpose use like wind shield cleaning or toping up coolant in case of leakage.

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