Harley Davidson Introduces Multiple New Initiatives For Customers

Harley Davidson Introduces Multiple New Initiatives For Customers

Due to the recent COVID pandemic, the automotive industry has been affected. The sales in April were zero for most of the automobile manufacturers. Many manufacturers now are introducing different initiatives and offers to boost sales. Joining in, Harley-Davidson India has launched multiple initiatives during the months of May in order to keep the spirit of riding high. The initiatives include home deliveries of motorcycles, an extension of warranty and free service periods, and a fully digital version of the brand’s Passport to Freedom.

Mr. Sajeev Rajasekharan, the Managing Director for Asian Emerging Markets and India at Harley-Davidson, said, “For an experiential brand like ours, it is critical to stay engaged with customers and enthusiasts continuously, keeping them hooked to the brand. We have introduced a number of initiatives to keep them motivated and look forward to riding.”

Staying in sync with contactless services, the company has officially launched the Harley-Davidson Home Delivery program. This initiative allows customers to explore the brand’s range of all-American motorcycles on the company’s website, and then directly connect with a dealer expert to discuss purchase and payment opportunities. Home deliveries are free for a distance up to 40 kilometers from the specific dealership, and chargeable for every extra kilometer thereafter.

The brand’s other initiative is a 30-day extension for Harley owners whose product warranties have expired or are expiring during the lockdown period. The brand is also offering a 60-day extension to customers who fall under the Harley-Davidson Financial Services planned maintenance program. Harley’s contact centre and Road-Side Assistance will continue to provide support services to all customers.

The legendary American motorcycle manufacturer has also rolled out a completely digital avatar of its popular ‘Passport to Freedom Online Series’ program and has done so in partnership with some notable names from the motorcycling world to talk about motorcycling at large and some of their Harley experiences.

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