Hindustan Motors and Mitsubishi not to participate in Delhi Auto Expo

Proving all speculations wrong, Hindustan Motors along with Mitsubishi are not participating in the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. It had been expected earlier by consumers that these two auto giants would be coming in with some new cars. A lot had been expected from Japan based Mitsubishi. People were expecting that the Mitsubishi Mirage, which had been recently showcased in the Motor Show at Tokyo, would definitely make it to this event. In fact, experts believed that this would have been an ideal forum for the manufacturer to showcase this budget small car.

Hindustan Motors and Mitsubishi not to participate in Delhi Auto Expo

It had been also expected that Hindustan Motors would be launching its revamped Ambassador. The tie up between the two manufacturing giants has infused almost new life into this out of favor sedan. This sedan, which has made its impact in the Indian auto market since the 1960s was expected to offer its customers delight with its latest diesel engine other than its completely newly designed exteriors. It had also been expected that a more compact sedan variant as well as another commercial vehicle inspired from the Ambassador would also be unveiled during the Auto Expo 2012.

Mitsubishi MirageThe question that is on the minds of all auto lovers pertains to the reason why the two major auto companies decided to opt out of this premier auto event in India. This was particularly surprising since many global manufacturers gave preference to the motor show at Delhi over the one being held at Detroit. It could be because the manufacturers wanted to use a different platform for launching their new products. We still are not aware of the reasons for their opting out as there have been no clarifications provided by any of the two companies regarding their pull-out. This however does not in any way diminish the importance of the Auto Expo 2012 as it still remains a highly rated event, which provides the ideal platform for all the auto manufacturers to showcase their latest offerings to the Indian market. This year, the event is expected to have a footfall of 2 million people from across the country. Such a huge turn out is not seen across most of the auto shows worldwide.

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