Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012

The global car manufacturer, Ford has been putting in concerted efforts to make an impact in the segment of compact SUVs. Just before the commencement of the Delhi Auto Expo (precisely on January 4th), the company is expected to make an announcement globally. The market is abuzz that the Auto giant from America is going to reveal its EcoSport SUV. Some certain facts have come out in the open about this latest SUV from Ford. The Ford EcoSport will be the first car, among all that Ford has lined up for India, to sport its latest EcoBoost engine for the petrol variant. Also, this is going to be the most compact SUV that Ford has designed till date. The Ford EcoSport is going to be built on the Ford Fiesta platform. On the basis of the same, it may be assumed that this compact SUV is going to be powered by the 1.5L 90Bhp diesel engine that has been quite successfully used in other vehicles of the manufacturer.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012As has been mentioned earlier, the petrol variant of the EcoSport is being fitted with a 1.0L or a 1.2L latest EcoBoost engine. This will help the SUV generate extraordinary figures in terms of power as well as torque. Though there has been no announcement on pricing of this vehicle, it is being assumed that Ford India could place it in the Rs.7 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh range, which would be above the pricing of the present Ford Fiesta and below its automatic variant, expected in the near future. Since it is sharing the common platform of the Ford Fiesta and also because it has been given a length below four meters, it is expected that this latest compact SUV is going to have stringent interior spacing. However, it is still going to be provided with adequate space to comfortably carry 5 elder passengers. The present market condition is favorable for the launch of the Ford EcoSport as this segment does not have any significant rivals thereby giving it ample time to establish itself.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012

The rivals that are expected to compete with the Ford EcoSport in the segment of compact SUVs include the Renault Duster and a similar variant from Nissan. Both these vehicles are not expected to be launched before the end of next year. The compact SUV segment in the Indian auto market is expected to start with the launch of the Ford EcoSport in 2012. However, within the year itself, this segment is going to witness strong competition with lots of new brands entering the market. This also includes the latest concept SUV from Maruti India, the largest car maker in the country. Maruti is going to showcase its compact SUV at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 and will have a proper launch by the end of the year.

Ford EcoSport SUV launch expected to be announced on 4th January 2012People are now eagerly waiting to see how Ford goes about launching its EcoSport in India. It could so happen that the manufacturer makes a preliminary announcement about this vehicle on the 4th of January, understands the response of the consumers towards the same and finally goes for launching the vehicle at the Auto Expo 2012. These speculations are going to continue till the actual launch takes place.

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